Monday, 3 May 2010

Boxmorph Paper Lamp, Johannes Nöbel

This lamp-study was developed and built in the student grasshopper course 'Formfindung' by Johannes Nöbel. The diagrid structure results from a boxmorph operation with an object based on an extruded octagon. The base geometry is drawn as a unrollable surface with tabs in Rhino and allows an easy unroll and production process after baking the morphed objects. GH definitions and Rhino file will be provided soon.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

igloo, triangulation with tags & tabs

The igloo is a prototype of a triangulated surface after several video-tutorials on A loft surface of three curves is divided in U/V direction into a point mesh. The resulting points are connected to triangular surfaces which are re-oriented and tagged on (a) plane surface(s). With the "Offset" component tabs are created to connect the cutted parts easily with a compressed air staple gun. The project was realised in 3 Master course hours of 'bauen mit computern' with a group of 3-6 students.

parametric, generated wall

This parametric wall, made of cardboard, was fully generated in Grasshopper/Rhino and sent to production on a cutting plotter (Wild TA100). The model is generated by 3 lofted Bezier-curves, the surface box component and reconnection of the box points for triangulation of the bx geometry. We had to to that because 'Boxmorph' would create double curved surfaces in this case. The single boxes are all tagged and unrolled in GH. Tabs are also added in GH.